Mackerel belongs to the Scombridae family. There are two related species: Scomber scombrus and Scomber japonicus (Spanish mackerel).A fish with a streamlined body. His back is blue-green, streaked with black stripes, while the belly is silvery white.

It’s been fished in the spring and summer due to its migration for its reproduction, from the deeper waters of the continental shelf to coastal waters.

Nutritionally, mackerel is recommended by nutritionists because it is a fish naturally rich in omega-3 as well as vitamins D, B3 and B12.

The Mackerel Fillets of Merveilles des Mers are the perfect ally to your kitchen, our operators are preparing the fillets by hand, traditionally. A guarantee to provide you with flawless and tasty products.

  • Scientific name : Scombrus Scomber, Scomber japonicus
  • Origin : Atlantic coasts, East Coast
  • Preparation : Classic Mackerel, Mackerel Fillets, pieces of mackerel


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